Flag of Arkazja

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Flag of Arkazja
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Flag of Arkazja
Use National flag
Proportion 3:2
Adopted 6 February 2022
Design Tricolour, featuring the cross and four pentagrams.
Designed by Natt Falkenhausen

The flag of Republic of Arkazja is one of national ensigns officially adopted by Republic of Arkazja. Designed by Natt Falkenhausen, the flag was formally adopted on 6 February 2022.


Note: Colours from the Coat of Arms are not featured in this table.

Scheme Castleton Green Mustard Yellow Ripe Mango
RGB 1-92-40 213-175-8 255-203-33
Hex #015c28 #d5af08 #ffcb21

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Flag Days

The Arkazjan flag can be flown on any day of the year, but there are special dates which the Arkazjan flag can likely be seen flying. Since 2022, these relevant days have been:

  • 5 February: National Independence Day
  • 6 February: National Flag Day
  • 26 March: National Day of Victory
  • 19 April: Constitution Day

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