Chief Justice of Pacem

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Chief Justice of the
State of Pacem
Connor Stumperth

since 27 July 2020
StyleTheir Honor
Term lengthIndefinite
Inaugural holderConnor Stumperth
Formation10 July 2020

The Chief Justice is the head of the national court system of the State of Pacem and administers all national courts. The Chief Justice is elected by the people for an undefined term until removed or resigns. The Chief Justice has the power to appoint Justices to cases throughout the national courts, as well as be a member of the council the declares edicts on cases in the Supreme Court, and as such has the power of judicial review.


The Chief Justice has no historical precedent, with no judicial systems existing in previous incarnations of Pacem. The first election for the position took place in the 2020 I judicial election, with Connor Stumperth being the inaugural holder of the office.[1]


The Chief Justice has the explicit power to appoint judges to cases within the Courts as per the 2020 Constitution. As a member of the council of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice has a part of the decision making power in the Supreme Court, shared alongside three other appointed justices.

List of Chief Justices

Name Party Portrait Term Monarch
Position vacant (10 - 27 July 2020) Nicholas I
Connor Stumperth WAA 27 July 2020 Incumbent

Time in Office

Below is a list of Chief Justices by their time in office.

  • 1. Connor Stumperth - 1224 days


  1. First Judicial and Executive Elections in Pacem Conclude Nicholas Kaos, retrieved 4 August 2020