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4th Senate
Term limits
3 months
FoundedMay 2016[1]
President of the Senate
Seats3 Senators
Political groups
  •   We Are Anarchy! (2)
Single Transferable Vote
Last election
2020 I
Next election
2020 II
Meeting place

The Senate is the unicameral legislative body of the State of Pacem. It is comprised of Senators, of which are elected by the people every three months. The Senate can pass bills to establish laws in the state. These bills are granted assent by the Monarch to be passed into law.


The Senate of Pacem was initially founded in 2016, dating back to at least 30 May 2016.[1] The first three members were Nicholas Kaos, Dylan Emborough, Ian Nolon, and Dale Edeker.[1][2] At this time, the Senate was formally known as the Imperial Senate[3] The Imperial Senate traditionally met on Google Hangouts with irregular sessions planned by the Emperor. Following the summer of 2016, the Imperial Senate went largely inactive and was essentially defunct due to Emborough, Nolon, and Edeker all leaving micronationalism by 2017.

In December 2018, with more effort being put towards Pacem during the meme-based revitalization, the Senate was officially reformed.[4] This Senate would be made up of Nicholas Kaos, Nicholas Randouler, and Stephen Freayth. The 2nd Senate mostly passed "meme" bills, pertaining to the promotion of memes within Pacem. This Senate would too dissolve into inactivity, and would officially dissolve alongside the rest of the nation in the 2019 dissolution of Pacem.[5]


The Senate is granted the following powers by the 2020 Constitution of Pacem:[6]

  • Veto decrees and military actions made by the Monarch
  • Managing the budget
  • Enacting taxes
  • Managing international and interterritorial trade and commerce
  • Imposing tariffs
  • Managing corporate policy
  • Minting and regulating the Imperil
  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Internal regulation of the Senate

The Senate is also generally given powers outside of these, such as with food regulations.


The following are the parties represented in the 4th Senate. As there are currently three parties in the Senate, there is no majority party represented.

Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Senate seats
Progressive Conservative Party of Pacem PCPP Progressive conservatism Center-right Liam Alexander
1 / 3
Reign R Kaosism Left Nicholas Kaos
1 / 3
We Are Anarchy! WAA Confederalism
Direct democracy
Center-left to far-left Chase Nanartowicz
1 / 3


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