National Symbols of Lasetia

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Flag of Lasetia
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Flag of Lasetia
Use Civil and state flag and ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 11 March 2023

The national flag of Lasetia is the official flag of the republic, representing the government as well as the people of Lasetia. The national flag was created 11 March 2023, by the founder of the state Maximilian IB..

Each color on the National Flag of Lasetia has a meaning:

  • The Blue stands for the sky, water from the open-air pool, which is located next to Maximilian IB.'s house and for prosperity.
  • Yellow stands for the wheat fields, which are also located next to Maximilian IB's home and for progress.
  • Black stands the street, elegance and the power of the Lasetian state.
  • The yellow Hand in the white circle stand for the democracy and the power of the state.
  • The wreath represents the wheat of the fields.

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