Waldrian Empire

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Waldrian Empire
Вальдрайхская Империя (Russian)
Coat of arms
Motto: Hrujarö, Šukörs, Uinthêrö
(English: "Justice, Freedom, Democracy")
Official languagesRussian, Waldrian
Governmentfederal constitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Theobald I Iguardêl
• Samdoržên
Dmetar Čausiki
Political Committee
People's Council
Establishment22 October 2022
CurrencyWaldrian ejading
Time zoneUTC +2

Waldreich, officially the Waldrian Empire, is a micronation that is located in the east of Riga with three enclaves located in western Riga, Jurmala and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

The country's capital is the imperial city of Suabatne. The country's official languages are Russian and Waldrian. Waldreich is a federal constitutional monarchy.

Waldreich is one of the founding countries of the Baltic Union.


The name "Waldreich" appeared around 2017, as well as the permanent green-yellow-green flag, and comes from the German words "wald" (forest) and "reich" (state, empire), literally meaning "forest state". Then it was the name of a fictional state from the fictional world of Korchagin.

On August 31, 2018, when Korchagin and Bolvanov were choosing the name of the future state, Korchagin offered two options — Waldreich and Valandia. As a result, the Kingdom of Waldreich became the name of the state.


The First Kingdom of Waldreich

The country was established on September 1, 2018, when its independence was declared and Pavel Korchagin and his friend Andrey Bolvanov declared themselves to be the co-ruling Kings of Waldreich. Korchagin could not regularly engage in micronational affairs and, as a result, having decided that he could not rule the country, he abdicated on September 6, transferring sole power to Andrey Bolvanov. However, after about 20 minutes, Andrey also abdicated in favor of the Prime Minister Alexey Bystrovzorov (Alexey I the Grey-eyed).

On the next day, Alexey also renounced the throne in a personal conversation with Korchagin, but retained the post of the Prime Minister. Korchagin eventually proclaimed his friend Ivan Turikov as a new King.

The events of September 6-7, when three top officials of the country renounced the throne in one day, are called the ‘Succession Crisis’ in the Waldrian historiography.

On September 14, the First Kingdom of Waldreich ceased to exist.

The Second Kingdom of Waldreich and The Tsardom of Waldreich

On September 26, Alexey Inshakov contacted Korchagin with a proposal to take power in Waldreich. As a result, the creation of the Second Kingdom was announced, headed by King Alexey II.

On September 27, the Kingdom of Waldreich was renamed into the Tsardom of Waldreich, and Alexey II took the title of Tsar.

On December 20, Alexey II renamed the Tsardom of Waldreich into the Tsardom of Lesozemye without notifying Korchagin, which greatly outraged him. In the end, Korchagin staged a coup d'état, overthrowing Inshakov's government and creating the Third Kingdom with himself as King.

The Third Kingdom

On December 26, the virtual coronation of Pavel I took place. On December 27, Korchagin proclaimed Demetrius I to be a King for an hour, but later returned and became the King again.

On 1 June, 2019, a new constitution was adopted and the Kingdom of Waldreich was renamed into the Waldrian Empire.

On September 13, 2020, Emperor Pavel I assumed the new throne name Ardaric I.

On February 11, 2021, Emperor Ardaric I abdicated the throne and handed it over to Alexander Tsaryov, and also replaced Nikita Maltsev as Samdoržên. On February 13, Alexander Tsaryov ascended the throne as Alexander II Antonovich (Lisaramt II Antendêl). On February 15, by the decision of the parliament of the country, Bêšagijefur, Pavel Korchagin was granted the honorary title of the Father of the State and the Leader of the Nation.

On December 10, Waldreich joined the League of Independent States.

On December 31, Waldreich signed the Charter of the Baltic Union, becoming one of the founding states of the organization.

The Riga Crisis lasted from August 31 till October 13, 2022, resulting in a peace treaty between the Waldrian Empire and Riga Republic, by which Waldreich ceded part of its southern lands to Riga.

On October 9, Dmitry Chodźko (Dmetar Čausiki) was elected Samdoržên.

Internal structure


Waldreich is a federal constitutional monarchy. The Emperor is the head of state. The legislature is Parliament, with Political Committee being the upper house and People's Council being the lower house. The executive authority is Doržênškjun. Doržênškjun is headed by Samdoržên, who is elected every four months. The judicial authority is the Supreme Court.

Administrative division

Waldreich is a federal state that consists of two imperial cities (Suabatne and Mesikênt), three krais (Fjajnaraiž, Metošaiž and Vögjžmöiž), four autonomous counties (Kježažmör, Mangales, Önêsain and Čadhgbeodaiž hamödas), two kingdoms (Šartja and Önbeodaiž) and one tsardom — Rênlejn.