Yermolino Kingdom

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Yermolino Kingdom
Ермолинское Королевство (Ермолино)
Flag of Ермолинское Королевство (Ермолино)
Coat of arms of Ермолинское Королевство (Ермолино)
Coat of arms
Motto: "Сила нации в Единстве!"
"The strength of the nation is in unity!"
Map of the Yermolino
Map of the Yermolino
Official languagesrussian, russian pre-reform
Christianity (Orthodoxy)
GovernmentDualistic Monarchy
• king of the Yermolino
Artemij I
• Head of Parliament
Daniil Khrisanov
LegislatureRoyal Parliament of Yermolino
EstablishmentJanuary 2, 2022
• Total
105 km2 (41 sq mi)
• Estimate
Currencyyermolinsky ruble
Time zoneUTC +3
Date formatDD-MM-YYYY

Yermolino Kingdom (Russian: Ермолинское Королевство, Ermolinskoye Korolevstvo) is a microstate located on the territory of the Moscow region and Saint Petersburg of the Russian Federation and the city of Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Created and headed since its foundation by Artemij I (Artjom Kirillov).


Before Yermolino became a state, there were three large settlements on its territory - Yermolino, Nekrasovsky and Trudovaya. The reason for the withdrawal of Yermolino from Russia was the people's dissatisfaction with the current situation in the settlements and the formation of the monarchy in these territories. On January 2, 2022 (now it is a public holiday - Independence Day), the declaration of independence of Yermolino was signed, and after that the kingdom began its sovereign existence. Artemij I proclaimed himself monarch . A week later, on January 10, 2022, by the forces of the Constituent Assembly and the monarch, the first elections of deputies to the Royal Sejm (now the Royal Parliament) were held in the history of Ermolino. The turnout for the elections was a record 100%. 6 parties and 7 candidates participated in the elections, candidate voting took place in two stages. The Parliament of the Yermolinsky Kingdom of the 1st convocation has 8 deputies. On January 18, 2022, Artemij I, together with the Parliament, introduces a moratorium on the death penalty.

February 4, 2022 became one of the most important dates in the history of the kingdom - the first alliance with the United Kingdom of the Great Realeza was concluded in Yermolino. On February 8, 2022, the constitution is published in Yermolino, which includes 8 parts and 68 articles. On February 14, the Embassy of the United Kingdom of the Great Realeza opened in Yermolino.

On March 6, Yermolino has its own currency - the Yermolinsky ruble, secured by silver and foreign exchange reserves of the kingdom. On March 7, at the initiative of Ermolino, the Dmitrov League was established - a non-military international organization that unites micronations with territorial waters in the Moscow-Volga Canal (Moscow Canal). The league also includes the Kingdom of Teveria, the Konakian Union State and the Azalistanian SFSR. On March 10, 2022, an agreement on diplomatic relations and cooperation was signed with the Principality of Vurmond. Later, a week later, an agreement was signed with the new government of Vurmond. This is how the "diplomatic week" began. In the shortest possible time, many Germolino-friendly micronations were found. The Republic of Albulcare (March 18), the Republic of Woultenland (March 18), the Kingdom of Levedia (March 19), the Federation of the Bialowieza SSR (March 19), the Xavanian Republic (March 21). Yermolino became the first micronation of the "Russian world", which was able to conclude friendly relations with the Japanese micronation. Esgeldia (March 24) concluded friendly relations with Yermolino. The Tsar of Esgeldia declared - "The friendship of our peoples has never been questioned."

The beginning of April in Yermolino is associated with state symbols. The Ermolino coat of arms was cosmetically modified, and the flag changed its proportion from 2:3 to 11:18 and the blue became darker (changed from "cobalt blue" #0038A5 to "sapphire" #011D66). On the night of April 7–8, by decree НГ-211-2022, the territories near the metro stations Dunayskaya and Kupchino of St. Petersburg and the central part of the city of Lobnya join Yermolino. In April, Yermolino set a course for unity with Avinenska and the creation of a Union State with it.

Internal structure

According to the Constitution of the kingdom, the Yermolino Kingdom is a meritocratic-dualistic monarchy, where state power and sovereignty come from the people and God under the guardianship of the monarch.

Parliament has rights equal to the King. The Head of the Parliament is the Chairman chosen by the Parliament for the term of convocation. The Parliament has the status of the highest legislative, executive and judicial authority.

External policy

The foreign policy of the Yermolinsky Kingdom is based on the principles of international neutrality. Despite this, Yermolino is in an alliance with one state, in the Dmitrov League and the League of Independent States. At the moment, Yermolino is pursuing an active external policy on all continents of the world.

State awards

The Supreme Order of St. Yuri Dolgoruky

On March 25, 2022 (Friday), the first and so far the only state award of the Yermolino Kingdom was created. The Highest Order of St. Yuri Dolgorukiy is the highest award that a person can receive from the Yermolino government. The Order is issued for special services to Ermolino, assistance in building the Yermolino statehood, especially outstanding personalities of Ermolino, foreign citizens for a special contribution to the Yermolino Kingdom, as well as in case of death for the Fatherland (in this case it is issued posthumously).

The metal part of the order is cast from silver and polished to a mirror surface. The order depicts the face of the founder of Moscow and Dmitrov – Yuri Dolgoruky. The order is attached to a ribbon in the colors of the state flag of Yermolino.

Wearing the order relies on the left side of the tunic / jacket / outerwear, necessarily to the left of the rest of the awards - closer to the heart.

Election campaigns of the Yermolino Kingdom

Parliamentary elections in Yermolino of the first convocation

Immediately after the appearance of the Yermolino statehood, the question of the formation of a higher legislative authority arose. It was clear that the constituent Assembly would not be able to perform these functions for a long time. Already on January 5 (3 days after the formation of Yermolino) a decree on the appointment of parliamentary elections was signed. In 5 days, parties were created, candidates were nominated and polling stations were prepared.

First tour

The voting was conducted in two ballots - parties and candidates. The list of parties that entered the first round: the Christian Democratic Forum, the Workers' and Peasants' Patriotic People's Party, the Ermolinsky department of the BPNGO, the Andreevist Renaissance Party, the Christian Concordat, the Party of Love and Kindness. According to the results, only the top 2 parties with the following allocation of seats were elected to Parliament: the first place - 3 seats, the second - 1 place.

The candidates competed very much with each other. And by the results of the First round, it turned out that candidates Valery Vodolagin and Mikhail Andreev shared one place with each other. Then it was decided to hold the second round, where the exact separation of the first from the second was already found out.

The turnout for the first round was 100%.

Second tour

Only two candidates participated in the second round. Valery Vodolagin and Mikhail Andreev. Until the very end, it was difficult to figure out who exactly would win. Voting was tense. As a result, Mikhail Andreev won with twice as many votes as Valery Vodolagin.

The turnout for the second round was 55%.

Yermolino's relations with other states

Republic of Avinenska

The Republic of Avinenska is one of two fraternal micronations for Yermolino. The President of the republic, Demyan Karpov, was originally a curator and was a member of the constituent assembly of the kingdom. In early April 2022, King of In April, Ermolino set a course for unity with Avignon and the creation of a Union State with it. assisted Avinenska in promoting ID cards on the territory of Avinenska by releasing the first physical carrier of this card on his own and organizing their production. On April 7, an agreement on the establishment of diplomatic relations was signed. But, on the initiative of Demyan Karpov himself and with the assistance of the King, a declaration on the further unity of Yermolino with Avinenska was signed on April 10. After signing the declaration, an agreement on the regulation of dual citizenship issues was signed. Then, on the same April 10, Yermolino and Avinenska signed another declaration – on the creation of the union. President of Avinenska expressed special gratitude afterwards and stated that in the long term, great cooperation in all areas is possible. Now another declaration on the creation of the Union state is being developed, but so far, both sides refrain from commenting on this topic.

Esgeldian Tsardom

The Esgeldian Tsardom is the second fraternal micronation to Yermolino. Tsar of Esgeldsia, like President of Avinenska, had membership in the constituent assembly of Yermolino. King Yermolino firmly believes that without the Es Guild, there would be no Yermolino. On March 24, 2022, an agreement on the establishment of diplomatic relations was signed with Esgeldia, as a small formality in the further unity of Yermolino with Esgeldia. The king of Yermolino also awarded the Esgeldian Tsar with the Highest Order of St. Yuri Dolgoruky and promised to present the award personally. The presence of Esgeldia can also be noticed in the economy of Yermolino. Alexander Kuzmin is the director of the Central Bank of Ermolino. In the future, even closer cooperation with the Guild is expected.

League of Independent States

Yermolino had membership in the League from the very beginning of its micronational path, initially as an observer, and later as a full participant. Membership in the LNG emphasized the image of Yermolino from the very beginning, leaving the Kingdom on the right path and teach it to distinguish non-donation from micronation. The LNG has mentoring functions for the Kingdom, and the contribution of the organization is also invaluable.