2014 Indokistani presidential election

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Indokistani Presidential election, 2014

← 2013 29 December 2014
  Picture 039.jpg Foto PM.jpg Sultan Aziz I.jpg
Candidate Farhan Abdurrahman Nabil Ihsan Aziz Pahlevi
Party Independent Independent Independent
Home state Central Indokistan Suwarnakarta Aziziyah
Electoral vote 3 1 0
Percentage 75% 25% 0%

Logo pemilu 2014.png
Official logo

President before election

Rayhan Haikal

Elected President

Farhan Abdurrahman

Indokistani presidential election was took place in 29 December 2014, to elect new president succeeding Rayhan Haikal. On the only indirect election experienced by Indokistan, Farhan Abdurrahman won the election after receiving his motion of confidence from three states, thus making him the first reelected Indokistani president.


President of Indokistan was initially elected by popular vote, as was experienced in two previous election. In mid-2014, consideration to move the procedure inside the Forum - thus make it indirect - was supported by the members, and was shortly declared as an official procedure for the next presidential election.


National Forum decided that there would be no official candidates on this election. Instead, all members of the National Forum were electable, except for the incumbent. On this election, Sultan Aziz I, Farhan Abdurrahman, and Nabil Ihsan were electable members, and Rayhan Haikal cannot be voted because of his incumbent status.



No. Candidates Votes (States) Votes (Percentage)
1 Farhan Abdurrahman Aziziyah
2 Nabil Ihsan Central Indokistan 25%
3 Aziz Pahlevi none 0%


Micronational leaders congratulates Farhan after they receive the news on the election results. Those head of states included Tian Abdurrahman from Drastharaya and Luis Palay of Kaleido. In one notable exclamation, Excellent leader Theodorus Diaz Praditya congratulates Farhan by saying "the purged leader has return", referring to the infamous Indokistani government policy of Defarhanisation.