Commander-in-Chief (Roscamistan)

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Commander-in-Chief of the National Armed Forces
Ardcheannasaí an Cosaint Fórsa na Roscamistan (Irish)
Roscamistan thing.svg
Great Coat of Arms of Roscamistan
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Flag of Roscamistan
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Thomas Jacobs

since 11 May 2022
Roscamistan Defence Forces
TypeSupreme Command Authority
Formation18 February 2021
First holderThomas Jacobs
DeputyChief of the Defence Staff

The Commander-in-Chief (CINC) is the supreme commander and head of the National Armed Forces. Command-in-chief is, by custom, vested in the President of Roscamistan, presently Thomas Jacobs. By military protocol, the title used in international contexts is Commander-in-Chief of Roscamistan.

The role of a Commander-in-Chief is to sign commissioning scrolls, bestows honours, approves military badges and insignia, as well as visits with troops.

List of commanders-in-chief

  Denotes acting Commander in Chief
# Portrait President
Term of office Political party Vice President
1 No Image.png Thomas Jacobs
(born 3 February 2008)
18 February 2021 18 May 2021 89 days Freedom Party Culann Burke
2 Portrait of James Irwin.png James Irwin
(born 2008)
18 May 2021 23 June 2021 36 days Independent Kayden Conboy
Thomas Jacobs (until 20 June 2022)
3 No Image.png Thomas Jacobs
(born 3 February 2008)
23 June 2021 19 March 2022 269 days United Party Culann Burke (until 18 November)
Adam Flannery (from 22 November)
(*) Coat of arms of Culann Burke.svg Culann Burke
(born 27 March 2008)
19 March 2022 26 March 2022 7 days Independent Thomas Jacobs
(*) Jan Kotonski in 2022.jpeg Jan Kotoński
(born 1 January 2009)
26 March 2022 8 April 2022 13 days United Party
4 Flannery portrait.jpeg Adam Flannery
(born 15 August 2008)
8 April 2022 11 May 2022 33 days United Party
5 No Image.png Thomas Jacobs
(born 3 February 2008)
11 May 2022 Incumbent 1 year, 26 days Republican Bloc Ludwig Collins
Sean Dunkerque (until 21 May)