Inauguration of Dicky L. K.

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Inauguration of Dicky L. K.
Inaugurasi 160911.jpg
Dicky L. K. receives copy of state book from Farhan Abdurrahman
DateSeptember 16, 2011
LocationFarhangrad Building, Jumstraad
ParticipantsPresident of Indokistan, Farhan Abdurrahman
Administering oath

President-elect of Indokistan, Dicky L. K.
Taking office

Prime Minister-elect, Nabil Ihsan
Taking office

The inauguration of Dicky L. K. (Indonesian: Pelantikan Dicky L. K.) as the second president of Indokistan was took place on Friday, 16 September 2011, at the main hall of the Farhangrad Building in Jumstraad. The inauguration marks the commencement of Dicky's one year term and was enthusiastically anticipated by citizens, as the event was the very first time in the country.


Shortly after the National Electoral Board (NEB) declared Dicky L. K. victory on the election in 13 September 2011, several politicians began to discuss on the inauguration ceremony. Nabil Ihsan then volunteered himself to became the manager on the inauguration ceremony. After Dicky decision to appoint Nabil as his prime minister, it was clear that the proposed inauguration would involved two oath takings.

Nabil decided that the ceremony would took place in the main hall of the Farhangrad Building. He also sets the date to be on 16 September, coincides with the first anniversary of Indokistani Republic. After several proposals to televise the ceremony, it was decided that the election would be recorded, but not broadcasted live. A camera was then supplied by Indokistan News Network to record the entire process of the ceremony.


There were four peoples participated on the ceremony, which includes Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan that would read their inaugural oath. Farhan Abdurrahman as departing president, administering the oath, with Dicky and Nabil would read their oath in front of him. Rifell N. took position as the Quran bearer and witness, which he will positioned the holy book above the head of Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan during their oath taking.

The inauguration ceremony was started in 13.30 local time (UTC +7) in Farhangrad Building, Jumstraad. The ceremony was started by singing the national anthem, Majulah Indokistan, before the main ceremony.

Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan, one-by-one, standing against Farhan Abdurrahman and Rifell to read their oath. Dicky was the first to took his oath, and when his name was called by Farhan, he steps forward and read the oath loudly, while Rifell puts the Quran above his head. After the end of the first oath reading, Dicky moves back and was replaced by Nabil, which do the same thing.

At the end of the ceremony, both inaugurated president and prime minister was ceremonically received the copy of State Book from Farhan Abdurrahman, as a symbol that the previous president trusting his successor and symbolise the regeneration process as new president will continue his position. Claps from audiences were heard afterwards. The ceremony then was ended.

Farewell speech

After the ceremony, yet separated from the agenda, departing president Farhan Abdurrahman delivered his farewell speech. On his speech, he thanking Indokistani citizens for supporting him during his term, and would gladly accept the new president. He also expressed his disappointment that he no longer able to work for the people. In the end of his remarks, he congratulated the new president and hopes the the country will be more prosperous and its citizens would be happy under the leadership of Dicky L. K. as the new president.

Popular culture

The ceremony was featured on an episode of TVI "History Show" in 2014. The show became the first to broadcast the recordings of the ceremony, because the previous plan to broadcast it immediately after the ceremony was failed.

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