Prime Minister of Indokistan

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Prime Minister of
Perdana Menteri Indokistan
COA Indokistan 12.png
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceJumstraad, Indokistan
AppointerPresident of Indokistan
Term length1 year
Inaugural holderNabil Ihsan
Formation20 September 2010
Abolished4 April 2013

Federal State of Indokistan

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Prime Minister of Indokistan (Indonesian: Perdana Menteri Indokistan) was the head of government of Indokistani First and Second Republic. Prime minister was appointed by president under parliament confidence, and the same figure are able to be appointed for the next period, unlike president that unable to serve a consecutive term.

Until the official dissolution on April 2013, the only figure serving as prime minister were Nabil Ihsan, he was appointed on his first period in 2010 after all founding fathers agreed to appoint him as head of government, and was appointed again as prime minister for second term by president-elect Dicky L. K. in 2011.

Dicky L. K. resignation in February 2012 made him to continuing the former president term that makes the position to be de facto dissolved. Its status are unclear until official decision were taken in April 2013 to remove the position and the person to be the head of government will be executed by president, as Indokistan turned a presidential republic.

Powers and duties

As head of government, prime minister were obliged to establish a cabinet with ministers he freely appointed, that the president conventionally would always accept his choices. Because of his vast control over the parliament, he had power to control the chamber, and propose law the parliament should discuss and pass.

Prime minister usually also holds foreign affairs portfolio inside the cabinet, thus became the only representative of Indokistan to outside world. Prime minister also gives advice to the president on several matters, including declaration of state of emergency and proposing recipients of the orders, decorations, and medals of Indokistan

Deputy Prime Minister

For short period, Indokistani prime minister had its deputy. The position was established in November 2010, during the formation of the first cabinet, with Rifell N. was appointed as deputy prime minister (he was also appointed as minister of education). The deputy was intended to became the backup for the prime minister, dividing tasks and jointly manages the governance of Indokistan. In reality, the position was mainly ceremonial, with prime minister himself solely able to manage the government without needing support from his deputy. Realising this issue, Nabil Ihsan decided to no longer appoint new deputy prime minister on his new April Cabinet.

Oath of office

Elected prime minister must read an oath of office before executing his duty. The oath was only read by Nabil Ihsan during his inauguration in September 2011, beside he was the only prime minister throughout the period. The English translation of the oath reads:

I, [name], will run the government and executing president's mandate, managing the parliament, and also executing justice.

List of prime minister

Nabil Ihsan was the only prime minister ruling over two terms until its abolition. For a short period on his first term after formation of April Cabinet, he appointed Rifell N as his Deputy Prime Minister. Nabil Ihsan ruled until 15 February 2012 when Dicky L. K. resigned, forcing him to replacing Dicky. Not appointing anyone to became his successor as prime minister, the position was left vacant. The status was only made clear by 2013 reform, when Indokistan officially converts as a presidential republic.

Portrait Name Term of office Deputy Prime Minister Political Party Cabinet President
Foto PM.jpg Nabil Ihsan 16 September 2010 15 September 2011 Rifell N. National Party of Indokistan November NPI, CPI, IPI, Ind. Picture 039.jpg
Farhan Abdurrahman
none United Republican Party April URP, PSP, IPI, Ind.
16 September 2011 15 February 2012 United Peoples Party September UPP, Ind. Picture 004.jpg
Dicky L. K.