Resignation of Dicky L. K.

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Indokistani president Dicky L. K. resigned from his position on 15 February 2012, after handed over his handwritten resignation letter to his prime minister Mustafa Hakim afternoon that day. He cites dissatisfaction with his position as the main reason on his decision to resign, but may also was influenced by his declining health.

The move was unprecedented inside Indokistani politics at that time, especially because it was the first, and that Indokistan was still a maturing democracy, so Dicky was expected to finish his term, which was ended in September 2012. Dicky's resignation was the only one done voluntarily and without secession of any region inside Indokistan.


Dicky L. K. was one of the founders of Indokistan, whose with Farhan Abbas also signed the Declaration of Establishment of Indokistan in 16 September 2010. Since September 2010 until September 2011 he was the vice president.

In September 2011, he announced his presidential candidacy. He was victorious on the election in 13 September, and was inaugurated in 16 September on the next day. Before his inauguration, he decided to appoint Mustafa Hakim as his prime minister immediately after his victory was declared official in afternoon of 13 September.

On the start of his tenure, he was expected to have a smooth presidency, since Indokistan was already stable and consolidated at that time, and further because of his choice to reappoint Mustafa Hakim as his prime minister, which clearly would ease transition between his presidency from Farhan Abbas. Throughout his tenure, Dicky always seem satisfied and in ease with his office and his prime minister. In early February 2012, Dicky was hospitalised because of Tuberculosis symptoms, which forced him to took several days off from his presidential duty.


Resignation letter, handwritten by Dicky himself

On 15 February 2012, when Prime Minister Mustafa Hakim arrives to his workplace, Dicky L. K. that was first arrived to his office, immediately handed his handwritten letter of resignation. The letter was written in haste, and was ripped off from his notebook. Farhan Abbas later joined both of them, and had a discussion concerning on Dicky's decision to resign, it was later known that he does not made the decision himself - Dicky previously consult Farhan first, asking for advice on his decision, which Farhan decided to not to resist Dicky's intention.

Dicky explained his reason to resign from Presidency on the letter. He said that currently he was "very busy, depressed, and overthinking.." which causing him to be absent from some government programs, and said that he felt his presence inside Indokistani government was not needed. Dicky also declared his intention to resign from all of other positions that he previously hold, and intended to only hold the chairmanship of the Indokistan Technology Development Center.


Prime Minister Mustafa Hakim immediately took the presidential seat, as mandated by the constitution - despite of Dicky's request to either replaced by his "vice president or to hold a general election, which both rendered unconstitutional. With Mustafa took the presidency without appointing anyone to replace his abandoned prime minister seat, Indokistan was unofficially turned a presidential republic. The news was reported later by TVI Breaking News evening that day.

The establishment of the Emergency Government in August 2012 was perceived by some was started with Dicky's resignation. His resignation triggered chains of events that deepened political crisis inside Indokistan after February 2012, which was subsequently attempted to be halted in August 2012.

Dicky's original resignation letter currently was stored in the National Archives of Indokistan, with the letter was handed over to the Archive since 2014.


In 2016, a Suwarnakarta Institute member investigate Dicky's behaviour before his resignation. The investigation concludes that Dicky was dissatisfied, and even had insufficient knowledge, on his political post. On his resignation letter, Dicky felt that he was useless - this may showed that Dicky wishes a more real function of his presidential office, and may showed his dissatisfaction, or misunderstanding with the country's parliamentary system. Dicky's demand to be replaced by his vice president or an elected candidate from a general election further showed his lack of understanding of Indokistani law, because the constitution dictates that the prime minister should replace the president in case of the latter's resignation.

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