Micronational reactions to the assassination of Shinzo Abe

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The native form of this personal name is Abe Shinzō. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals.

Main article: Assassination of Shinzō Abe

On the morning of 8 July 2022 JST, former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe (安倍 晋三, Abe Shinzō), 21 September 1954 – 8 July 2022) was assassinated in the city of Nara, Japan while giving a speech during a campaign outside of Yamato-Saidaiji Station.[1].


On 8 July 2022, Abe was making a speech on behalf of Councillor Kei Satō, a Liberal Democratic Party candidate running for re-election, ahead of upcoming upper house elections scheduled two days after. Abe was accompanied by security however the alleged assassin managed to get within several meters, without being challenged, before firing Abe with an improvised shotgun. Abe's security detained the man without him resisting.

Abe was initially conscious and communicative right after he was shot. He was transported to a local hospital by an emergency helicopter with a wound on the right side of his neck and internal bleeding under his left chest, and was reported to have no vital signs when he arrived at Nara Medical University Hospital in Kashihara, likely due to the cardiac arrest he suffered prior to arriving at the hospital.

Abe was pronounced dead at the hospital at 5:03 p.m. JST, around five-and-a-half-hours after the initial shooting with his cause of death being from blood loss.


The suspect had a grudge against the Unification Church, and belief that Abe and the religion are closely connected. When interrorgated, the suspect told authorities that he assassinated not because of a political grudge, but a religious one.

Micronational reactions


The Government of Paloma monitored the situation since initial reports, the Government is planning on sending a letter of condolences to the Abe family.

Rino Island

Rino Island Minutes after the attack, the official Foreign Relations account of the Republic of Rino Island issued a statement "absolutely condemning the attack against the former Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe." [2]


In a set of announcements, the Government of Vishwamitra announced its shock and surprise on the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe. In a statement from the Home Ministry, the following was announced[3]:

The Government of Vishwamitra is shocked to learn about the sad demise of His Excellency Padma Vibhushan Shri Shinzō Abe, former Prime Minister of Japan at the age of 67.
Consequent to his sad demise, a period of national mourning shall be observed for two days - 9 and 10 July 2022. During this period, the national flag shall fly at half-mast and there shall not be official entertainment.

Sprinske Empire

On 8 July 2022, the Sprinske government announced the sad news that Shinzo Abe had been assassinated

It is with shock and horror that we learn of the news of the death of Shinzo Abe following an attack during a campaign event. Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.


King Łukasz I,King of Krzakacja when he found out about Shinzo Abe's death, was very shocked. On 8 jule, king ordered the flag to be lowered half-mast in mourning.


The Assassination of Shinzo Abe was a shock in the entire country of the Republic of Todia. The president Christan Laudani had sent condolences to Abe's family and friends. A mourning period was announced in Todia from 8 to 11 July.


Foreign Affairs Minister Thor Stokvis, condemned the attack and called them "cowardly" and offered prayers to both the Japanese people and the family of Abe but was also schoked that "It happend in one of the most safest countries" in the world Various Leppan officals have condemned the attack on Japanese democracy and rule of law.


King Kevin of the Kingdom of Blazdonia released a public announcement to acknowledge the tragedy on 8 July, 2022. He recounted how the assassination had left him and the Blazdonian administration in shock, sadness, and bewilderment. While the Japanese elections are still going on, His Majesty expressed his "total petrification and concern for the stability of Japan" and expressed his hope that Japan will tighten its existing stringent regulations to prevent another heinous crime from taking place. He decreed that Blazdonia was to enter a period of national mourning from 12 to 15 July.[4]