Forestia, Wegmat

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Forestia is a region made up of woodlands in the Weg provinces of Irving and southern Abierta. The western half of the region is made up of wooded floodplain meanwhile the eastern half is made up of partly elevated woodlands. The area grows a lot of edible plants for deer in the summer and spring making it very accessible for deer to live. Most of these plants are eaten by deer from the major city of Bodwatmi, Irving. Trees in the floodplain are much shorter than most other maple, oaks, and sycamores in Wegmat. In the elevated woodlands trees are much more average size in Wegmat. There are multiple cities located in Forestia including one of the largest in Wegmat, Bodwatmi, Irving. The other cities are Che-Che, the capital city of Abierta, Irving City, the capital city of Irving. Some settlements are also located in the area.