Friend of the Nation (Vishwamitra)

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Friend of the Nation
Awarded by the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra
TypeHonorary title
Awarded for
  • Highest contributions to Vishwamitra
  • Depicting the highest levels of friendship with the crown, government and the people of Vishwamitra
StatusCurrently awarded
Established26 April 2021
First awarded26 April 2021
Oscar I, Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia
Last awarded8 June 2022
Alexander I, King of the Nortonians
Total awarded60

The Friend of the Nation is a set of honorific titles in Vishwamitra which is conferred by the Rashtradhyaksh on a foreign head of state or foreign individual in recognition of their exceptional contributions to Vishwamitra as a whole— or to friendship and for strengthening bilateral diplomatic relations between states.

The titles were created by the Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy through his ROYAL DECREE No. - 171/2021: enacted on 26 April 2021. The titles bear no special privileges for the recipients nor does it carry any post-nominal letter. It only serves as an honorific prefix.


The honorific titles are conferred in three distinguished styles which are depicted as grades:

  1. Paramdeshabandhu (परमदेशबंधु) (translation: Greatest Friend of the Nation)
  2. Mahadeshabandhu (महादेशबंधु) (translation: Great Friend of the Nation)
  3. Deshabandhu (देशबंधु) (translation: Friend of the Nation)

The title of Paramdeshabandhu is conferred only on those who have displayed enormous amount of services for the progress and development of Vishwamitra and towards the welfare of the citizens; while the other two grades are conferred under similar conditions. The titles are conferred only on the heads of state, government and citizens of a recognized sovereign state.



The highest title of Paramdeshabandhu has been conferred on 11 individuals till date, of whom three have relinquished the title.

Former honourees


The highest title of Mahadeshabandhu has been conferred on 24 individuals till date, of whom two have been promoted as Paramdeshabandhu and one has relinquished the title.

Former honourees


The highest title of Deshabandhu has been conferred on 25 individuals till date, of whom four have been promoted, two has relinquished their title and the two have been revoked of their title.

Former honourees

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