New Prussian Imperial Bank

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New Prussian Imperial Bank
HeadquartersLowden, New Bavaria
Established2 June 2021
OwnershipGovernment Owned
Governing bodyBoard of Governors
Central bank ofEmpire of New Prussia
CurrencyNew Prussian Mark

The New Prussian Imperial Bank is the central bank of the Empire of New Prussia.


The Imperial Bank was an agency of the Ministry of the Treasury until 20 February 2023 via an Act of the Imperial Parliament, which made the Imperial Bank a direct agency of the New Prussian Imperial government.


The function of the Imperial Bank is to manage money supply through monetary policy and oversee its District Banks.

District Banks

District Banks serve as branches of the New Prussian Imperial Bank. The New Prussian Imperial Bank has four District Banks, one in each state.

Head of a District Bank

The head of a District Bank is called the President & CEO, who is chosen by the Board of Governors with advice of the Minister of the Treasury and approval of the Chancellor.

District Banks of the New Prussian Imperial Bank
District President & CEO State
Imperial Bank of Lowden August W. Harms New Bavaria
Imperial Bank of Clarence Vacant New Saxony
Imperial Bank of Olin Vacant New Hanover
Imperial Bank of Tipton Vacant New Oldenburg
Imperial Bank of Calamus Vacant Southwest Clinton

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