Kingdom of New Bavaria

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Kingdom of New Bavaria
Flag of Kingdom of New Bavaria
Coat of arms of Kingdom of New Bavaria
Coat of arms
Motto: The Capitol State (Der Hauptstadt Staat)
Anthem: Neues Bayernlied
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, German
Demonym(s)New Bavarian
GovernmentFederal Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
• King
King August IV
• First Minister
August W. Harms
• Second Minister
Coco Harms
LegislatureNew Bavarian General Assembly
Establishment1 September 1890 (De Jure)
25 May 2018 (De Facto)
• Counted Residents census
12 (2021)
CurrencyNew Prussian Mark & US dollar
Time zoneUTC-06:00

The Kingdom of New Bavaria (Königreich von Neu Bayern) is constituent country in the Empire of New Prussia. Also it was founded September 1, 1890 by his late majesty King Frederick I of New Bavaria who was a German immigrant. When King August III died with no heir the Crown was up in the air for two years until it found its way upon his grandnephew August William Harms, who agreed to take the crown and said he will never abdicate his throne.


The timeline of New Prussia says that the Kingdom of New Bavaria was founded by his late Majesty, King Frederick I who was a German immigrant. He made his own country and it made him feel more at home. The crown of New Bavaria was passed from heir to heir because the fathers wanted to see their sons be successful leaders. Thanks to Joint Decree VII, New Bavaria now has a state coat of arms, state motto, and lyrics for its state anthem.

State Anthem

New Bavaria didn't have any lyrics for its anthem until the signing of Joint Decree VII which gave New Bavaria its state coat of arms, state motto, and lyrics for its anthem. The music is Bayernhymne. The lyrics were written in English and German by His Imperial and Royal Majesty, August IV with inspiration from the anthem of the German state of Bavaria, where the kingdom is named after.

The lyrics are as follows, "{ }" means repeat.

English: God be with him, New Bavarian King and your dear people, the roof of heaven arches over all those in need!

{God preserve the ruler for us, happiness of the people in every district, pure custom, New Prussian loyalty, eternal colours - white and blue}

German: Gott mit ihm, Neu-Bayer-König und deine lieben Volk, Über allen Bedürftigen wölbt sich das Dach des Himmels!

{Gott erhalte uns den Herrscher, Volkes-Glück in jedem Gau, rein Sitt, Neupreußisch Treue, ew’ge Farben – Weiß und Blau}

Civil and Military Awards



  • New Bavarian Civil Merit Medal
  • New Bavarian Lifesaving/Bravery Medal

List of Monarchs

Image Name Became Monarch Ceased to be Monarch House
King Frederick I 1 September 1890 10 September 1912 (abdicated) House of Rettkowski
King August I 1912 1932 (Possible assassination) House of Rettkowski
King Frederick II 1932 26 December 1940 (abdicated) House of Rettkowski
King Frederick III 30 December 1940 15 January 1949 (abdicated) House of Rettkowski
King Ernest 15 January 1949 1959 (Died in Office) House of Rettkowski
King August II 1959 1 February 1970 (abdicated) House of Rettkowski
King August III 1 February 1970 7 December 2016 (Died in Office) House of Rettkowski-Carlsen
King August IV 25 May 2018 Incumbent House of Terlisner-Harms

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