New Prussian Armed Forces

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NPAF, New Prussian Armed Forces
Neue preußische Streitkräfte
Flag of the Ministry of the Armed Forces
Founded13 January 2021
Service branchesNPIA, NPIG, NPIN
HeadquartersLowden, New Bavaria
Lord Marshal/Lord AdmiralAugust IV
Minister of the Armed ForcesColton J. Harms
Deputy Minister of the Armed ForcesVacant
Military age5 - 55
Active personnel0
Reserve personnel4
Deployed personnel0

The New Prussian Armed Forces (NPAF) otherwise known as the Ministry of the Armed Forces, is the national military of the Empire of New Prussia.

The Armed Forces are overseen by the Emperor and are directed by the Minister of the Armed Forces. The Empire of New Prussia is a nation of peace, but it does have Armed Forces should the nation be attacked. New Prussia will never attack any country, micro or macro. The Armed Forces are primarily for ceremonial purposes.


The Ministry of the Armed Forces was created on January 13, 2021, to oversee the New Prussian Armed Forces. As of June 11, 2021, the Armed Forces has not been in any conflicts. A flag of the Ministry has been established on June 10, 2021.

Minister of the Armed Forces Role

The Minister of the Armed Forces is a member if the Imperial Advisors. The Minister responsible for protecting New Prussia's land and waters, implementing defense policies set by the New Prussian Imperial Parliament and the Emperor, all matters regarding the the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Army and the Imperial Navy, and advising the Sovereign in regards of national defense.


The Armed Forces consists of the New Prussian Imperial Navy, the New Prussian Imperial Army and the New Prussian Imperial Guard.

New Prussian Armed Forces
Name Date of Establishment Flag
New Prussian Imperial Guard 13 February 2019
New Prussian Imperial Army 16 February 2019
New Prussian Imperial Navy 5 June 2021

Military Awards

Service Medals

  • Armed Services Service Medal
  • Imperial Guard Bavarian/Saxon Regimental Service Medal
  • Imperial Army/Navy/Guard Good Conduct Medal

Personal Decorations

  • Imperial Medal of Honor
  • Imperial Army/Navy/Guard Distinguished Service Medal
  • Imperial Army/Navy/Guard Commendation Medal
  • Imperial Guard New Bavarian/Saxon Military Merit Medal