Royal House of Rettkowski

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Royal House of Rettkowski
Königshaus von Rettkowski
Royal Family
Parent familyN/A
Current regionw:United States United States of America
Place of originBenton, Minnesota
Founded1890; 133 years ago (1890)
FounderKing Frederick I and Queen Wilhelmina
Current headArchduke Ray
  • King of Bavaria (1890)
  • Crown Prince of Bavaria (1890)
  • Royal Majesty
  • Royal Highness
  • Royal Grace
  • Highness
  • Grace
Connected membersKing August II
Cadet branchesRoyal House of Rettkowski-Carlsen

The Royal House of Rettkowski was founded in Benton, Minnesota in 1890 thanks to the marriage of His Late Majesty, King Frederick I and Queen Wilhelmina. The Head of the House is called the Archduke/Archduchess of Rettkowski, the current head and Archduke is Ray Rettkowski.


The official members of the House are the founders and their children and pets such as dogs, cats, etc.

  • HM King Frederick I
    • HM King August I
      • King August II
    • HM King Frederick II
      • HM King Frederick III
    • HM King Ernest

Family Tree

Family tree of the House

King Frederick I
B: 1840
D: 1926
Queen Wilhelmina
King August I
B: 1892
D: 1932
King Frederick II
B: 1903
D: 1958
King Ernest
B: 1905
D: 1959
King August II
B: 1920
D: 1996
King Frederick III
B: 1919
D: 1968
Archduke Ray Rettkowski
B: 1940


Major Titles

  • King of New Bavaria
  • Crown Prince of New Bavaria

Minor Titles

N / A

List of Monarchs of the Royal House of Terlisner

Crowns/Coronets Picture/Portrait Titles Name Reign Notes
N / A King of New Bavaria Frederick I 1 September 1890 - 10 September 1912 Founder
N / A King of New Bavaria August I 1912 - 1932
N / A King of New Bavaria Frederick II 1932 - 26 December 1940
N / A King of New Bavaria Frederick III 30 December 1940 - 15 January 1949
N / A King of New Bavaria Ernest 15 January 1949 - 1959
N / A King of New Bavaria August II 1959 - 1 February 1970
N / A King of New Bavaria August III 1 February 1970 - 7 December 2016

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