Ministry of Post, Archives and Media (New Prussia)

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Ministry of Post, Archives and Media
Ministerium für Post, Archive und Medien
Agency overview
Formed1 June 2021
JurisdictionEmpire of New Prussia
Postmaster Minister responsible
  • Vacant
Deputy Postmaster-Minister responsible
  • Vacant
Agency executives
  • Postmaster General of the New Prussian Postal Service, Vacant
  • Chief Archivist of New Prussia, Vacant
  • Editor-in-Chief of
    The New Prussian Times, Vacant
  • YouTube Channel Director, Vacant
Parent departmentNew Prussian Imperial Government

The Ministry of the Post, Archives and Media is an executive government branch of the Empire of New Prussia. The Ministry oversees its child departments of which are the New Prussian Postal Service, New Prussian Imperial Archives, The New Prussian Times and New Prussia's YouTube Channel.


The Ministry of Post, Archives and Media was created on 1 June 2021. The Ministry was created to promote a national post office, keep track of national archives, and to establish a national newspaper. The first issue of the national newspaper, The New Prussian Times, was on 1 June 2021. So far, The New Prussian Times has published at least one issue per month. An Act of the Imperial Parliament has reestablished a national post office called the New Prussian Postal Service.


There are three main agencies of the Ministry of Post, Archives and Media

  1. New Prussian Postal Service
  2. New Prussian Imperial Archives
  3. The New Prussian Times
  4. Empire of New Prussia's YouTube Channel