Order of the Cross (Church of New Prussia)

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Order of the Cross
Awarded by
Pope of Church of New Prussia
Established1 July 2022
The Empire of New Prussia
MottoGerman: Das Kreuz ist christlich (The Cross is Christian)
CriteriaAt the Pope's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderAugust IV
SovereignAugust IV and Pius Eugene I
Chancellor of the OrderVacant
  • Knight/Dame
  • K/DOC
First inductionTBA
Last inductionTBA
Total inductees0
Next (higher)(Highest Order)
Next (lower)Order of the Cardinal

The Order of the Cross is a religious order of chivalry founded by August IV on 1 July 2022 and it is the highest order of the Church of New Prussia.

Appointments are made at the sole discretion of the Pope wit advice from the Emperor. This Order can be awarded anytime except for holidays. The number of members is restricted to seven on account of the number seven being in the bible and is associated with Jesus. The pope may appoint supernumerary members such as Foreign Religious Leaders, Foreign Heads of State, etc.


The Order itself was created on 1 July 2022. The motto is "Das Kreuz ist Christlich" which is German for "The Cross is Christian" was thought up by August IV. The Church of New Prussia recognizes the German iron cross as a Christian symbol.


The Order consists of the Sovereign, Chancellor of the Order, Secretary, and the seven members including supernumerary members.


Officers of the order are not of the seven members because they are temporal.

Chancellor of the Order: Has the power to accept or decline the letter of recommendation and has the power to degrade members with approval of the Sovereign.

Secretary: keeps records of previous and current knights/dames of the order and does background checks on recipients.

List of Members

  • "Stranger" is for a member who is a foreign head of state/government
List of current members of the Order
Member number Name Date of appointment
1 Vacant
2 Vacant
3 Vacant
4 Vacant
5 Vacant
6 Vacant
7 Vacant