List of Grand Unified Micronational 3-letter country codes

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The Grand Unified Micronational maintains the following list of 3-letter country codes for micronations, as an extension to the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country codes used by macronational organisations. The codes are set by the Chair, with the consensus of the member states. 195 codes have been issued since the system was introduced in 2016.[1]

Full members
 Empire of Adammia ADM
 Empire of Austenasia AST
Republic of Avalonia AVA
Soyuzist Republic of Azameen AZA
 Kingdom of Burdette BUR
 Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth CLV
 Desert District DES
 Elmwycke ELM
 Commonwealth of Essexia ESX
 Gymnasium State SGY
 Empire of Imvrassia IVR
 Imperium Aquilae IPA
Federation of Kortosh-Jusin KSJ
Krlesia KRL
 Empire of Lurdentania LDN
 Kingdom of Lytera LYT
 Mercia MRC
United States of Mekniy and Lurk MKN
 New Florence NFC
 Commonwealth of New Virginia NVA
 Empire of Paravia PRV
 Kingdom of Pibocip PBC
 Kingdom of Queensland QSL
 Revalian Kingdom REV
 Principality of Sancratosia SNC
 Saspearian SAS
Serene Beaconite Republic SBR
 Republic of Snagov SGV
 Triumvirate of Sonderan SON
Republic of Tinland TIN
 Uber-Essian Union UEU
 State of Vishwamitra VHM
 Kingdom of West Sayville WSV
 Kingdom of Wyvern WYV
 Republic of Yu-Xia YUX
 State of Zenrax ZNX
Provisional members
Template:Country data Confederation of Antarctic Islands ANI
Kingdom of Ranzania RNZ
Republic of Rudorvia RDV
Imperial Republic of Traverria TRV
Caelum Guild CGD
Firefly Kingdom FFK
 Federal Republic of Forestia FOR
 Republic of Upper Shwartz Morgen Lorgen Land GML
Socialist Republic of Kanazia KNZ
Dominion of Keithieopia KTH
 Republic of Randulia RND
Kingdom of Salanda SAL
Silvanian Union SVU
Democratic Republic of Subejia SUB
Former members and observers
 Aarianian Union of North America AAR
 Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth ABE
Empire of Aenopia AEN
 Republic of Agelonia AGE
 Amissopian Federation AMI
 Aphelia Space Research Nation ASR
Republic of Ashukovo ASH
 Aspen Empire ASP
 Astovian Union ASV
 Kingdom of Atiera ATI
 Kingdom of Atovia ATO
 Australis RSA
 Republic of Bartonia BAR
 Kingdom of Baustralia BAU
 Principality of Beacon City BEC
 Berry Empire BRR
Flagbreckfinal.png Kingdom of Breckland BRK
Federal Republic of Caddia CAD
Vlagcampinia.jpg Duchy of Campinia CAM
 Prinicipality of Carnovia CRN
 Kingdom of Cecillo CCO
 Kingdom of Coria COR
Damariscotta DSC
 Grand Principality of the Danube DNB
 Kingdom of Dragos DRG
New Flag Type B.png Republic of Drew Star Line DSL
Duaktoserija2.png Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija DKJ
Flag of Duckionary.svg Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary DCK
 East Evinsa ESV
 Republic of the Union of Eastasia RUE
Da308f42ff936ba49bff9d70a6be8ddd.png Edenic Compact EDP
 Most Serene Republic of Egan EGN
 Archduchy of Egeria EGR
Flag of El Dorado.svg El Dorado ELD
 Kingdom of Eniarku ENR
 Essian Commonwealth ESE
Marland national flag.png Non-Territorial Republic of Flammancia FLA
 Republic of Floriland FLR
 Republic of Glastieve GLS
 State of Gradonia GDN
Bailiwick of Hak'hanna HAK
 Republic of Hilbert Dimension HBD
 Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall HRA
 Huai Siao HSI
 Iceni Federal Republic ICN
 Kingdom of Ikonia IKO
 Kingdom of Indradhanush IDH
 Empire of Iustus IUS
 Juclandia JUC
 Kingdom of Jupiter JUP
Jusin Republic JUS
 Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg KLT
 Kodrolian Empire KDR
Kingdom of Kohlandia KOH
 People's Democratic Republic of Kortosh KRT
 State of Koss KOS
 Principality of Ledilia LDL
Flag of Legatia.png Legatia LEG
 Empire of Lehmark LHM
 Confederation of Leylandiistan and Gurvata LYG
 Grand Duchy of Liangsi LNG
IMAGE.png Kingdom of Loquntia LQN
 Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic LDW
 Kingdom of Matai MTA
 Mathenia MTH
 Republic of Mcarthia MCA
Flag of El Dorado.svg Millanic Confederation MIL
FLAGMNG.png Union of Millania and New Granada MGN
Misberia Misberia MIS
 Principality of Monovia MON
 Commonwealth of Naveria NAV
 Khanate of Nedland NDL
 Nemkhav Federation NKV
 Principality of New Eiffel NEI
 New Providence NPV
 New Richmond Republic NRC
 Republic of New Rizalia NRZ
 New Rubix Republic NRR
 Federation of New Scythia SCY
 Republic of New Westphalia NWP
 Tsardom of Nolland NLL
 Republic of Nordale NDL
Northern Coast NCT
 Kingdom of Norton NRT
Flag Nossia 2016.png Principality of Nossia NOS
Azerty.png Union of Nova-Occitania OCC
 Federated States of Noveria NVR
 Novian Republic NVN
People's Republic of Orientia ORI
 Oskonia OSK
 Ovrestlia OVR
 Empire of Pacem PCM
 Pinang PIN
Plushunia PLU
 Republic of Polanda PLA
 Pontunia PMP
 Ponderosa Hills PSH
 Poplar Nerva PPN
 Principality of Posaf PSF
 Kingdom of Quebec QUE
 Rednecks Republic RNK
 Reylan Imperial Triumvirate REY
 United States of the Rocky Mountains URM
 Republic of Roseland ROS
 State of Sandus SDS
 Sovereign San Doverian Order SDO
 Kingdom of Sabia and Verona SIV
 Democratic Republic of Seybold SEY
Sharish Crim SHC
 State of Shoreline SHR
 Shorewell SRW
 Kingdom of Skovaji SKJ
 Republic of Slavistonia SVT
 Slitronia SLI
 Soyuzist Republic SYZ
 Star Hill SRH
 Imperial Principality of Stormhold STM
 Federal Republic of Stravinia STR
 Queendom of Sunsonia SUN
 Republic of Surdam SDM
Unitary State of Swivia SWV
 Tamesian People's Republic TAM
 Kingdom of Terrerité TER
 Theodia THD
 Republic of Todia TOD
 Federated States of Transterra TNT
 Kingdom of Tuceria TCR
 Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg UBQ
 Kingdom of Überstadt UBR
Wings flag.png United States of Wings USW
 Socialist Commonwealth of Uskor UOR
 Republic of Vaarstead VRS
 Despotate of Vlasynia VLS
 Free City of Vodopol VDP
 Kingdom of Wallenia WLN
 State of Wamong WAM
 Waterside Park WSP
Kingdom of Wegmat WEG
 Commonwealth of Wenonah WNH
 Kingdom of Yadra YDR
 Republic of Yusienia AMZ
Liberty LBY
 Kingdom of Madrona MDN
 Confederation of Mahuset MAH
 Universal Triumvirate UNT
 Usian Republic USI