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Territory of Austenasia
Flag of Prahova
Established1 December 2023
 • GovernorH.E. Marshal Štefan Marius Snagoveanu
 • Total0.26 km2 (0.10 sq mi)

Prahova is an Austenasian Territory which is an enclave of Romania. It consists of just over 61 acres of forested land, together with part of the Prahova river which adjoins it to the south. A railway bridge crosses the territory towards its western end.

November 2023 saw Snagoveanu contact the Austenasian government with the proposal that he annex the land as an Austenasian Territory; the Prahova Act 2023, passed on 1 December, officially delineated Prahova and claimed it from Romania. The territory is currently governed by Snagoveanu himself, who was also appointed its titular Baron.

The land was once claimed by the Snagovian People's Republic, in 2020, but the claim was relinquished in 2021.