Austenasian (Daily) Star

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Austenasian (Daily) Star
The Austenasian (Daily) Star shortly after the publication of its first article
Format Online
Type News website
Founded 6 October 2015 (first article published 29 December 2015)
Political allegiance Unknown
Language(s) English
Published on Wordpress (link)
Distributed in Internationally (focused on Austenasia)
Editor Lord Charles Clarke

The Austenasian (Daily) Star (alternatively the Austenasian Star or simply the Star) is an Austenasian online tabloid newspaper published on Wordpress. It is the first micronational tabloid newspaper. Other Austenasian news websites include the Austenasian Times and Porthbokon News. Now that its editor has ceased to be an Austenasian its future is unclear.


Lord Charles Clarke thought about creating a micronational tabloid newspaper for a while, and finally got round to it in 2015. The Austenasian (Daily) Star went online on 6 October 2015, but its first article was not published until 29 December of that year. The name of the paper is Austenasian Star (the name of the Austenasian national flag and of the distinctive five-lined red cross within that flag) with (Daily) inserted in the middle to change the meaning from 'Austenasian flag/cross' to 'Austenasian tabloid' (the Daily Star being a popular tabloid newspaper in Austenasia’s mother country, the United Kingdom).