Deputy Chief Ambassador (Austenasia)

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The Deputy Chief Ambassador of the Empire of Austenasia served as the deputy to the Chief Ambassador between June 2014 and June 2016. The only holder of the post, Sir James von Puchow, was delegated certain powers and duties of the Chief Ambassador at the latter's discretion. He was appointed Deputy Chief Ambassador a year into the tenure of HIH Countess Eritoshi as Chief Ambassador, and remained so for two and a half months after her resignation, serving under Lord Charles Clarke until the office was abolished by the Foreign Affairs Act 2016.

Provision for the office of Deputy Chief Ambassador was made with the Diplomacy Act 2014, passed on 13 June 2014. James von Puchow was appointed to the office on 22 June by Emperor Jonathan I with the consent of the Chief Ambassador.

Paragraph 8 of the Diplomacy Act 2014 described the office of Deputy Chief Ambassador as "the highest ranking of all diplomats under the Chief Ambassador, and shall be answerable in all diplomatic contexts only to the Monarch, Prime Minister, and Chief Ambassador."

The Prime Minister, HIH Lady Admiral Brooklyn Hewitt, questioned the propriety of the existence of an office which effectively existed to allow the Chief Ambassador to shirk off as many of their duties as they wanted, and at his suggestion the office was dissolved on 4 June 2016. The Act of Parliament which dissolved the office permitted it to be re-established in the future at the discretion of the Chief Ambassador, but not as a permanent Foreign Office position.

List of Deputy Chief Ambassadors

Number Picture Name Chief Ambassador Took office Left office Notes
01 JamesvonPuchowSBFence.jpg Sir James von Puchow, Marquess of Atkantia HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis
until 17 Mar 2016;
Lord Charles Clarke, Duke of Grantabridge from 17 Mar 2016.
22 Jun 2014 4 Jun 2016 Appointed the first Deputy Chief Ambassador the day after becoming an Austenasian national. Established the Scotland Office in Edinburgh as a joint diplomatic office of Austenasia and Landashir.