Minister of Digital Transformation (Austenasia)

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The Austenasian Minister of Digital Transformation was a member of Cabinet who headed the Ministry of Digital Transformation of the Empire of Austenasia. The Minister of Digital Transformation was responsible for developing e-Government platforms and information services and providing IT advice to members of the government.

List of Ministers of Digital Transformation

Number Picture Name Took office Left office Notes
01 Dionisiy.jpg HSH Prince Dionisiy I 28 Feb 2020 1 Jun 2020 Appointed Minister of Digital Transformation by the Monarch upon his election as Prime Minister, with the creation of such a ministry having been part of his electoral platform. Resigned upon his leaving Austenasia during the events surrounding the assumption of emergency powers by Jonathan I.
02 Premier.png Lord Karl Friedrich, Baron of Aurora 1 Jun 2020 5 Jun 2022 Appointed Minister by the Monarch upon the appointment of Lord John Gordon as Prime Minister, who decided to continue the efforts of Prince Dionisiy towards improving the digital infrastructure of Austenasia. Provided occasional IT advice to government members, but after two years a consensus was reached in Cabinet that such a position was no longer required to hold the rank of a Government Minister, and the Ministry was dissolved. Appointed IT Secretary to the Secretary-General, the de facto successor office to Minister of Digital Transformation.